Friday, March 20, 2009

Attitudes about Alternative energy and Conservation

I have now arrived in the UK  (Inverness, Scotland) and it has been interesting to see the differences in attitudes about alternative energy and conservation.
So far it seems that the locals here are much more conscious about using "green" products and alternative energy.
For example...
The couple that I am staying with has a solar water heater on their roof. Even on cloudy days, they tell me the can get enough hot water for the two of them.

I have seen several vans/trucks around town for alternative energy engineers.  They advertise installation and maintenance of solar panels, solar water heaters etc.

Plastic bags are not given out at supermarkets. You are expected to have your own bag, and most people do.  If you forget it costs about 10 cents/bag

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lockheed speaks out about nanotechnology and the shortage of US engineers

This is an interesting interview with the CTO of Lockheed Martin. He makes an interesting point about the importance of energy independence and greenhouse gas reductions to national defense (a point which seems to be becoming increasingly popular). He also mentions some of the types of nanotechnology research that Lockheed is performing. What I think is most interesting is the companies commitment to outreach through "Engineers in the Classroom" and the "San Diego Science Festival" which will be held in April.

Check it out: