Thursday, May 14, 2009

IGERT seminar-Friday May 15th!!

Don't forget!
This Friday May 15th will be the IGERT seminar.

Prof. Mark E. Thompson from USC will be the speaker.

His talk is titled: "New Materials and Insights Into Organic Photovoltaics"

The seminar will be at 4 pm in ESB 1001

Abstract :
We have begun a systematic study of a range of different materials for organic photovoltaic devices.  This talk will discuss the development of new materials as donors, acceptors and buffer layers in OPVs.  We have investigated a family of Ru(beta-dikenotate) complexes.  Several subphthalocyanine complexes have been used to investigate the connection between the OPV open circuit voltage (Voc) and have explored the use of metal porphyrin complexes as donor materials in OPVs.  The complexes we have chosen have high luminance efficiencies and long lifetimes.  We expected that these two parameters would lead to long exciton diffusion lengths.  Both Pt and Pd complexes make good red absorbing donor materials in OPVs.  Unfortunately, our initial hypothesis that these materials would give long exciton diffusion lengths was wrong.  We believe that this is due to a combination of both poor spectra overlap and a self quenching process that severely shortens the exciton lifetimes in thin films of these materials.  We have developed a good model for the origins of the open circuit voltage in OPVs, based on new materials and conventional ones.  I will discuss this model.  Lastly, we have investigated a range of Ru(acetylacetonate)3 as a buffer materials and will discuss that chemistry, time permitting.

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